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Together we have power and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fundraising is a fun and easy way to support and raise awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation!

By organizing and mobilizing people, resources and talents, we leverage the power of local people and knowledge, working together towards a common goal. You will also make a difference in the lives of people with epilepsy! Hosting a DIY Fundraiser means you create, plan, organize and run a fundraising event. Use your imagination and be creative when planning an event. This is your chance to shine and have fun!

How It Works


  1. Decide to Help: Review our DIY Policy and Procedure below and register your event by clicking "Register Now" above

  2. Tell Your Story: Once registered, customize your fundraising page and share your passion

  3. Ask for Support: Get others involved in your efforts and raise funds

  4. Transform Lives: Change lives with the money you raised

DIY Policy & Procedure

Please review the Epilepsy Foundation’s DIY and Third-Party Fundraising Application and Agreement below, which describes the conditions in which a third-party fundraiser has permission to use the Epilepsy Foundation’s name and/or logo. After reviewing, register your event by clicking the purple Registration Form button to begin the process for your event.  A staff member will review the agreement and provide written confirmation of approval. If the organizer is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign the form on their behalf.

Please note that some events and activities require a liquor or gaming license. The Epilepsy Foundation will not take out a liquor or gaming license on behalf of a third-party project.

PROMOTION The Epilepsy Foundation does not promote any third-party events or projects through its newsletters, social media posts, webpage, or other communication channels. It is the responsibility of the organizer to promote the event.

EPILEPSY FOUNDATION REPRESENTATIVE The Epilepsy Foundation does not provide staffing for third-party events. If a project organizer would like to have a representative present, please contact their local Epilepsy Foundation. Contact information is available at www.epilepsy.com/affiliates/.

MATERIALS & RESOURCES The Epilepsy Foundation can provide electronic copies of informational materials for project organizers to print and distribute, at their request. The Epilepsy Foundation authorizes the Third Party use of its name and logo in communications to the media upon obtaining prior approval from the Epilepsy Foundation

COST Expenses associated with DIY events are covered by the host.  Organizers have permission to deduct project costs from proceeds before sending the net remainder to the Epilepsy Foundation. The Epilepsy Foundation does not assume any legal or financial liability associated with a DIY event.

DONATION OF PROCEEDS A donation form will be provided by the Epilepsy Foundation upon project approval. Organizers may donate the fundraising project’s net proceeds to the Epilepsy Foundation as follows:

Donations paid through check or money order can be made out directly to the Epilepsy Foundation, with the name of the project on the memo line, and mailed to:

Cash donations should be collected into a single check or money order and made out as above. Credit and Debit Card donations can be made through your hosted DIY page, which can be created by visiting by registering your event via the Registration Form button above. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] if you need assistance creating your DIY page.

This agreement does not cover requests to create or sell products, utilize a customer donation program or cause marketing campaign incorporating the Epilepsy Foundation’s name, logo, or registered trademarks.  Please contact your EF representative for information on corporate engagement.