Yoga for a Cause

Join us on December 13, 2016

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Yoga for a Cause

The lotus flower, has a wealth of meaning and history behind it. The lotus flower blooms on the surface of water with its roots deep in the mud – a symbol of light and emergence from darkness. The lotus blossom represents the heart opening. The opening of the lotus flower petals is often compared to the unfolding of what is divine within you. It is a perfect reflection of new beginnings, purity and enlightenment. A closed bloom is the heart with its infinite potential for enlightenment, waiting to unfold.

Yoga has been shown to help alleviate stress and help improve overall health and wellbeing.

Do you practice the healing art of yoga?  Then join us and create your own Yoga for a Cause fundraiser to help raise awareness a much needed funds to help support the Epilepsy Foundation and those who are living witht he challenges of epilepsy.

It's simple and fun.  Here's how you can get your Om on!

Remember to register your event here and share the details on your customizable fundraising page!  Send the link to your page to all your friends and family. If they can't make it, they can still donate!  Use the Donation form (located in the resources section in the black bar located at the top of your fundraising page.) to send in any donation checks given to you or the studio.


HERE is the latest Yoga for a Cause event.  Visit a studio listed below to participate!


Thank you to everyone who participate in the Oak Park Event!