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Are You Ready To Move Mountains?

September of 2015, Athletes vs Epilepsy Ambassador and CrossFit athlete Jenny LaBaw set off to raise awareness and funds for the Epilepsy Foundation through her Move Mountains campaign.  Her goal was to run across the state of Colorado and raise $50,000.  On October 19th, she accomplished her incredible feet by running 500 miles and raising over 


Jenny also set and accomplished a third goal that she set for the campaign. Move Mountains was an event to not only bring awareness to 

epilepsy, but also served to motivate individuals to take control and live life to the fullest.


his year marks the 3rd Anniversary of Jenny LaBaw’s Move Mountains campaign. 

We invite CrossFit Boxes, their members, and individuals across the country and around the world to participate in the Move Mountains Workout of the Day (WOD) on October 19, 2017, to raise funds and awareness about epilepsy and the need for funding. New this year, you can earn achievement badges for your fundraising page when you reach fundraising milestones, which is very cool!

Participating is easy and it's free!

For Gym Owners:

  1. Sign up your box to participate by Clicking the Registration button, then Create a Team.
  2. Upload a photo and select a name for your team or gym.  
  3. Send the link to your fundraising page to your members to sign up under your box’s fundraising page.  They will click Join Team and enter your gym's name.  
  4. Sweat on October 19th- Program the Move Mountains WOD! 

Don’t belong to a CrossFit gym?  Simply sign up as an individual. You can participate in the modified WOD without gym equipment! Click here to check out the workout! 

Click here to download the flyer to promote Move Mountains in your box. Each person who donates $25 or more before noon, September 15th will receive a Move Mountains tank! 

1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy (multiple unprovoked seizures) in their lifetime.  Chances are you may know some of them.  We need to move closer to finding cures for them.  Let’s harness our power together to Move Mountains, find a cure and save lives!

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