Kaitlin Bagnall

Team Captain Team KT Walk to End Epilepsy 2019 - LA

Hello Everyone!!

I’m not a writer so I’m keeping it short and sweet. 

This is why I need you to donate: 

I have grand mal seizures, which are the hardest ones on me- both physically and mentally.  The seizures happened while  in a Starbucks parking lot, shower, car, and living room. I have luckily survived each one but I have been left bruised, bloodied, battered, paralyzed, and no memory.

The other type of seizures I have actually occur multiple times a day without me knowing but the bad ones leave me speechless. Literally... I lose the ability to speak and understand language. It is a weird feeling to just sit there while your body is paralyzed and you can’t ask anyone for help.  FYI: that’s why I hate speaking in public.

My seizures are under control because of medications but between multiple heart problems and two type of seizures it takes a toll. Medication basically uses my body as a punching bag and it’s exhausting. There will never be a cure in my lifetime BUT I'm very hopeful more treatment options will pop up so that's why I need people to donate.

Thank you very much in advance.

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