Josie Hamilton

Team Captain Josie's Wolf Pack Walk to End Epilepsy 2019 - LA

Let's DO THIS!

I'm Josie.  I have Epilepsy and I have since I was 4.  Since I was 6 my family and I have raised money for CARE of and CURE for people with epilepsy.  I want a CURE and I want it now.  JOSIE'S WOLF PACK has raised over $100K for the Epilepsy Foundation since our first walk in 2011.  Please help me find a cure to this crappy disease.

Epilepsy caused me to have over 100 seizures in a day.  Now I'm better and that's due in large part to people's generosity in helping finding new and better treatments.  When I was having so many seizures, I wasn't able to do simple things, like ride a bike or swim.  Now, I sail with my Sailing Team and participate in regattas.  I want everyone with epilepsy to be able to do what they want to do and not just what epilepsy will allow them to do. 

Please join me in the Walk on February 2 at the Rose Bowl.  It will be fun and together we can raise money so that we can END EPILEPSY.  Thank you.

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