Athletes vs. Epilepsy!

26 days of workouts to tackle epilepsy! The 2019 Summer Fitness Challenge is underway! For the next 26 days, my daily workouts are devoted to epilepsy awareness and education.

What is Epilepsy exactly?  

The definition of epilepsy is "a neurological disorder, marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain."

But what is epilepsy in your everyday? 

For Team Trezza, This is Epilepsy...

Epilepsy is when you are a 16 year old, trying so hard to be "one of the guys," and you are, most of the time... Except for the medication (palm-fulls of pills), the doctor's visits, the testing... leaving school early, arriving late... multiple absences... Jumping right into all of high school life, academics, sports teams, clubs, and your social life- going full throttle, doing the best you physically can, with all you have- but being so careful not to get too tired, or too exhausted (and wait, was that jerking of my arm simply a twitch or the precursor to a seizure?  Do I need to rest? Do I need to hydrate?) A whole lot to swallow at 16, and I don't just mean that fist-full of pills...

That is Epilepsy. That is epilepsy for us, and quite frankly, we've got it "easy" compared to other families with epilepsy. This disease is no joke. 

Then, more globally, there's the stigma about epilepsy in general. Lack of general education regarding the condition leave many folks unaware of just what it's all about, and their only knowledge of epilepsy is what they have seen on television- which usually is over dramatic and not terribly accurate. 

My goal of participating in this challenge is two fold. First and foremost, to educate family and friends about epilepsy. To encourage them to read about it, not to be afraid to ask questions about it, to discuss it like they would cancer or diabetes. It is real and impacts lives greatly. Second, to support the Epilepsy Foundation's mission...  

The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

Please support this cause by considering making a safe and secure donation on our  fundraising webpage. Giving to the Epilepsy Foundation means you make the world a better, easier, more manageable place for the 3 million people in the U.S. who are living with epilepsy and seizures. Every single cent WILL help make a difference. 

Thank you for your help and support!  Now let's get sweaty!!!! 💪💪💪

Be Well! 

Love,  Laurie

#Team Trezza ❤

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