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Team Captain Amygdalove Walk to END EPILEPSY 2020 - DC

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I’m Justin.  Welcome to my page!

I’ve had epilepsy since I was a teenager and it means the world to me that you are giving my page a looksee.  The Epilepsy Foundation puts about 83% of every donation towards research and treatment options, as you can see here.  This is pretty cool, and while my epilepsy is relatively well-controlled (2 years seizure free!), there are others out there who are not so fortunate.  I walk for them just as much as I walk for me.   Plus, who wouldn’t turn down a free tote bag as a donation incentive?

So, instead of buying yourself that really fancy MK purse, maybe give a portion of your allocated frivolity funding to the Epilepsy Foundation so I can get a branded tote bag!  You didn’t need yours anyway.  Think of it this way, either way you are funding the acquisition of a cloth bag that will probably break in under two years, but if you donate you will also be helping mankind take a few steps closer to more effective ways of managing epilepsy or even curing the freaking bane of my existence.

For those who do not buy expensive cloth bags, just freaking donate.  Throw some cash towards a cause that’s bigger than you.  Epilepsy is a chronic condition for many people, me included.   I choke down, like, 8 pills a night to keep my brain from going haywire.  Thankfully I can function with those pills, but there are tons more who will be walking who represent a person who celebrates every single seizure free day.   I’ve seen the Epilepsy Foundation’s Twitter page.  They retweet posts of children smiling through their triumphant seizure-free week.   As much as I love a good party, these celebrations are tragic reminders of the bad days these people have.  The only daily celebrations that should happen start as soon as you buy that designer cloth sack and end as soon as it is ruined after one rain storm.

If I get the cash then, I expect the cloth sack I get from the Epilepsy Foundation to break on the first use, if not just arriving broken or simply lost in transit.

Why am I so focused on this tote bag thing anyway?

Well, sometimes you have to inject a bit of humor into some terrible situations in order to really bring out how deeply awful they are.  I mentioned the Epilepsy Foundation’s Twitter page earlier: @EpilepsyFdn, also go check out @epilepsyposi.  Please go visit those and see what I mean; it is truly beautiful and inspiring, but the implications that people never truly know if they (or a loved one) is going to have a seizure daily. 

Donate to me, help me get free branded junk, and make the world a better place.