Michael Cavanaugh

Team Captain Team Cavanaugh Walk to END EPILEPSY 2020 - DC

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Welcome to my fundraising page!

I am taking part in the 14th Annual National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, DC on April 18, 2020 and I am asking for your support!

I will be participating in this year’s 14th National Walk for Epilepsy, scheduled to take place on the National Mall in Washington, DC on Saturday, April 18, 2020. This will be my fourteenth year to participate, and yes, I have done every walk!

I treasure all of you who have either participated or donated in the past and I hope you'll join me again in any way you can to surpass my fund-raising amount from last year.   I need your support either by joining my team, registering as an individual or making a donation on my behalf. You can visit the National Walk for Epilepsy Website at https://walktoendepilepsy.org/ see how your donations help support all the things the Epilepsy Foundation does.

The money we raise will go to fight the stigma, raise awareness and find a cure for all those living with epilepsy.

Why this Cause means so much to me

Epilepsy has been in the front of my life for much of my life, and still is to some degree. Starting at a very young age, seizures became a frequent occurrence in my life. For more than 50 years I have had many types of seizures, grand mal, generalized, absence, and temporal lobe seizures.

Increasing in my teenage years, I had mainly temporal lobe seizures with approximately 25-30 seizures a month for more than 30 years. This pattern continued for many years, with me being on almost all of the Anti- Epileptic Drugs on the market at some point, with VERY adverse side effects. For a long time I was on a drug "cocktail" of medications consisting of twenty five pills a day with little relief.

In 2000, I became a candidate for Temporal Lobe Surgery. After much thought, testing and consultation with my Neurologist and medical team, the 9 and 1/2 hour brain surgery occurred. It was scary not knowing for sure what the outcome would be, but the results were fantastic!

After having so many seizures for so long, I never dreamed of being seizure free and actually driving a car. As of 2020, I now have been driving for fifteen years, and it has given me freedom to do many things I never imagined I could do before! In the past few years, I have had occasional T/C seizures, the first major ones since the surgery, approx. 3-4 a year. I am still on medication, which is fine by me after what I was on, but I am very thankful for my life getting back in order and getting to experience things that I never dreamed that I would be able to do. Even the side effects I experience from the surgery allow me to realize how blessed I am when compared to my pre-surgery life.

 For the past couple years, I have also been participating in Support groups, both online and in person, to help others manage their lives with epilepsy and that has been a great thing to share my experiences with others who also live with epilepsy.

This is why I wish that you would support this worthy cause, not for me, but to find a cure for epilepsy so others can experience a life without seizures and without stigmas.

To donate use the "Donate to me" button to support me to join me in helping the foundation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and generosity to this important cause.

 Your support means a lot to me! Thank you in advance for participating in whatever way is right for you.

I'll keep you posted on our progress!

Thank you!

Michael Cavanaugh