Katie was a huge presence on our team since her freshman year in 2012-2013. Although she was advised not to play water polo, she still joined the team due to her love of the sport that she made clear every day. Being a goalie in high school, she had decided that she did not wish to continue playing goalie and wanted to be a field player. When we were searching for a goalie during her junior year on the team, she put the needs of the team before her own and took on the role, even though Katie still did not wish to be a goalie,. You could see her dedication to become the best goalie she could be during every practice. She even took on the role of teaching new players who were interested in how to play goalie. At the end of her junior year, the team voted her in as Tournament Director on the officers board for her 2015-2016 senior season. She was considered the most welcoming officer by every freshman and new player, always making her friend’s and teammate’s feelings a priority. She always did everything in her power to lighten the mood of those who meant a lot to her. We miss her every day, but we know that she would be proud that we continue to honor her with our annual tournament.

Thank you for your support.