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As a member of Athletes vs Epilepsy, I am raising funds to help find cures and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy.

We are all Warriors at heart! Hope is the bridge to help overcome the pain and the helplessness that Epilepsy can create. We walk- one foot in front of the other as we in faith hope for a cure! We walk for those who can't......

I'm a 50 year old mom who suffered from Grand Mal seizures and Epilepsy for 21 years- no more seizures and no meds. I have a 14 year old who suddenly at the age of 13 began having seizures but is medically controlled, and I have a 9 year old who has been suffering from Epilepsy one month after birth ( over 300 per day- DX with Infantile Spasms) and thankfully now only has nocturnal and absence seizures ( with cognitive delays). As you can see our family has been impacted by this illness in many ways and we have seen the devastation it can bring- sleepless nights, tantrums, numerous meds, ER visits, bullying, social isolation, medical care costs just to name a few. We walk this 275 mile pilgrimage in honor of those who can't! My 14 year old son and I will depart on 6/30/17 on this trek as a journey to show that "Nothing is Impossible" . It will take us one year to prepare physically and mentally for this walk but we know that "All is Possible"! Help us raise funds for the Epilepsy Foundation which has given so much and is always helping those stricken by this illness in their time of need. We walk for our Dylan- who has gone through so much since birth including brain surgery, numerous meds and all to no avail. We train as a mother and son who will walk "The Way of St. James" for Athletes v. Epilepsy! We thank all those at the Foundation, Nicklaus Childrens Hospital Neurological and Brain Team, doctors(Naqvi, Tuchman and Miller), nurses, therapists, teachers, friends and family members who have helped us along the way. Many thanks to Coach Jim Sayih (#911Fitness and #SpecialCompass) for training us and getting us ready for this pilgrimage. To my wonderful employer-Allstate Insurance for allowing me the time to make this happen! We thank YOU for your support with this endeavor!