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Welcome To My El Tour de Tucson                                                                          Athletes v Epilepsy Team 

There are 3 million of us here in the US who have epilepsy. What that means is that everyone of us knows someone who knows someone who has epilepsy.

And so I ask myself: “What can I do for others who are challenged daily living with epilepsy.” That question has become a personal imperative after several recent potentially life-threatening seizures.

I came up with two things I can do, but I need your help.

I will ride El Tour on my trike hoping that my doing so will ignite the hope in others that they, too, can live life fully whatever fully may mean to them. This will be my first El Tour since being diagnosed with epilepsy four years ago. 

I have challenged myself to raise $2,500 by riding on the Foundation's Athletes versus Epilepsy Team (AvE).

There are two ways you can help me.

First: Check out these links to become familiar with some facts about epilepsy including appropriate first aid during a seizure. Find at least one person you can share what you have leared about epilepsy through these links.

Second: Consider making a contribution through my AvE funding page to help me reach my $2,500 goal. 

Your contribution will help provide services for individuals with epilepsy, help get the word out about epilepsy, and to support further research to develop different treatment options for those whose seizures are intractable.

Epilepsy is so much more than the few seconds to several minutes of the actual seizure. Those of us with epilepsy and our families will be deeply grateful that you care enough make a contribution.

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