Mary Stover $25.00 • December 20, 2017
Betty Ryan $25.00 • December 20, 2017
Sandra Frost $100.00 • December 20, 2017
John Sadowski $100.00 • December 20, 2017
Veeda Lapham $300.00 • December 20, 2017
Pam Gjeldum $50.00 • December 20, 2017
Michael Litton $100.00 • December 20, 2017
Krista Charles $60.00 • December 20, 2017
Jenny Peyer $100.00 • December 8, 2017 Being from Illinois, a DePaul alum and also having Epilepsy, I was immediately touched by Casey's story. You read every now and then of brave individuals who are a true advocate for organizations/foundations/illnesses and your sister was that for the Epilepsy community. Her passion, dedication and commitment will live on.
Garcia Family $10.00 • October 23, 2017
Garcia Family $10.00 • October 23, 2017 It was nice to have met Casey. She taught us all a very valuable and wonderful life lesson and for that we will forever thank her for. She taught us to live life to the fullest and love like that's all there is. Truly beautiful person inside and out. Our thoughts and prayers are with each everyone of you.
-The Garcia Family
Casey Nunes $150.00 • October 16, 2017 Rest in paradise, Casey. Thank you for your last gift to us.
Bazaarvoice $750.00 • October 16, 2017 In memory of Casey on behalf of the Bazaarvoice family...
Mr. David C Shoemaker $100.00 • October 15, 2017
Anonymous $100.00 • September 27, 2017
The Bellows Family $75.00 • September 25, 2017 So much love to you and your family, Courtney. May you find peace in your memories of Casey and in carrying on her legacy through the Epilepsy Foundation. xoxo Matt, Sunny, and Vivienne
William R Carlson $500.00 • September 23, 2017 We knew Casey for such a short time but were blessed by her smile and beautiful soul. We support any research that might spare another family this terrible loss.
Bill & Linda Gardner Carlson
Anonymous $225.00 • September 20, 2017
Anonymous $75.00 • September 9, 2017 We will miss you Casey. Hoping this small donation helps get us one step closer to a cure.
Jane Johnson September 7, 2017 Casey will be greatly missed! We are so sorry for your loss! We pray that you will feel the healing power of prayer and the warmth of those who love you and realize you have the courage to carry on for Casey!! Your doing such good work!
Steve and I are sorry we couldn't join you at Herrick and Arrowhead. ( I had hip replacement surgery that week). We just want you to know how much we love Casey and your family!
Much love,
Steve and Jane

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