Donations for Maurice Dunn

Mattie Willis donated $25.00 06/02/2017
Corey and Jackie Cox donated $50.00 06/02/2017
jordan, monica and gina cohen made a donation 05/29/2017 Great luck on your run to support James and the foundations research.

Love Jordan, Monica and Gina
Anonymous donated $25.00 04/23/2017 Praying for James. Good luck training and running the marathon!
Stephanie Fultz donated $20.00 04/15/2017 Rock the run for your boy! Always an inspiration.
DZ donated $100.00 04/15/2017 I'll be out there with 10K
Ciarra Smith donated $15.00 04/14/2017 Love from Ciarra :)
Anne-Marie donated $100.00 04/13/2017 Thoughts and prayers for your beautiful Mo!

Pelar Jones donated $20.00 04/06/2017
HIL WHITFIELD donated $10.00 04/06/2017 Keep got this champ!
robert teague donated $50.00 04/06/2017
Gary & Margo made a donation 04/05/2017
The haggins family donated $25.00 04/05/2017 You guys are constantly in my prayers. I pray that you find a medication that will help to stop the seizures in your handsome boy! We love you guys!
Darrell Smith made a donation 04/05/2017
Carrie Worth donated $50.00 04/05/2017 Much love, health and happiness to you and your family! You will rock this marathon!!
Asili LLC donated $500.00 04/05/2017
Virginia made a donation 04/04/2017 You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Happy to support.
Michael donated $20.00 04/04/2017 GO, MOE!
Monica Dunn donated $25.00 04/03/2017 I think you are going to need to triple your goal! I love you guys. Stay the amazing family you are, stay strong. We are all fighting with you!
Tommy Marshall donated $250.00 04/03/2017

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