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Anonymous donated $100.00 07/12/2017
Bruce Tucker donated $25.00 07/12/2017
Richard Roche donated $6.00 07/12/2017
Jeanne McDonald donated $50.00 07/09/2017 Thanks for everything that you do for Tucson cycling. Keep fighting, my friend.
Anonymous donated $250.00 07/09/2017
Barb and Mark Sterling donated $60.00 07/08/2017 I admire you
Bennett donated $25.00 07/07/2017 You inspire me, Susan!
Daniel Thrall donated $75.00 07/06/2017 Go, Mama! We love you!

Ian the Brit donated $50.00 07/06/2017 Susan, you are an inspiration beyond words to me, I feel incredibly honoured to have Ben in your presence & listened to your inspirational battle!!

I wish you the VERY best of luck, and God willing, we'll ride again very soon!


Chuckezbentrider donated $30.00 06/29/2017 Keep up the good work cycling is your medicine!
Kirk Wilson donated $55.00 06/27/2017 I hope it goes through this time??? Trying to get you to $1000.00. GREAT to see you also😁
Al & Sharyn Chesser donated $125.00 06/27/2017 Peddle to the metal, Susan.
Have a swell time and good luck with your goal.
Al & Sharyn Chesser
Bruce Tucker donated $25.00 06/27/2017
Richard Roche donated $6.00 06/24/2017
Mary Reed donated $100.00 06/23/2017
Jan donated $100.00 06/22/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 06/18/2017 You are an inspiration! I will support you as much as I can.
Mark Cotovsky and Jefferson Rogers donated $100.00 06/17/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 06/06/2017
Anonymous donated $45.00 06/02/2017

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