I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 9.  I had several seizures in my teens, and through into my early 20;'s, first starting out in my sleep, and then the last 3 while awake.  I went out countless anti-seizure medications and tests to figure out why and control them.  I was lucky enough to be seizure free for 14 years.


Until May 2018, when I had my first seizure after 14 years.  It was scary and in some ways still a shock. I  I have done the Epilepsy Walk in 2012, when I was seizure free to believe that every little bit makes a difference as there is no cure.  Seizure awareness and what to do and not to do is very important to.  However, now, after experiencing the seizure after 14 years of being seizure free it has made me realize how truly important is is for me and for all those suffering to find a cure because a seizure can strike at any moment when you have a seizure disorder even after such a long time of being seizure free.


If you can, please donate anything you are able to in the support of me, and all the people who suffer in the world of this terrible disorder that effects not only the person who has the disorder, but the families as well, there is no cure.  Every little bit helps.


Lots of Love,



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