Walk to End Epilepsy 2019 - LA

We always refer to Clayton as our SUPER HUMAN. It’s a well-deserved title for a child who has endured hundreds of thousands of seizures in his lifetime, debilitating doses of anticonvulsant meds (that don’t prevent his daily seizures), and has never experienced a restful night of sleep. Yet, he starts every morning by sharing a smile and an exuberant hug with us before embarking on his daily routine… as if he is SUPER HUMAN. 

While we celebrate Clayton daily, we ask our beloved friends and family to help us celebrate him collectively at the WALK TO END EPILEPSY by joining our walk team, appropriately named “CLAYTON’S SUPER HUMANS”. Your generous donations fund life saving resources provided by the Epilepsy Foundation to families like ours. We have been clients of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles since Clayton’s infancy, and all that we have accessed and gained through them over the years has led us to be able to continue to celebrate Clayton’s every smile, every step, and every day of life.

Please support our efforts by joining our team or by making a donation. Your involvement provides care, advocacy and education today while investing in research and hope for tomorrow. We hope to see you on February 2nd as one of Clayton's Super Humans!

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$19,470.00 Raised
72 Participants