In June 2018, Drayven experienced his first seizure, followed by another a few days later. We took him to Blank's Children's Hospital where he had an EEG. That same day, we had a 2-hour appointment with Dr. Gutu a children's neurologist. He diagnosed Drayven with Generalized Epilespy meaning his Epilepsy effects both sides of his brain.

There are several types of seizures associated with Epilepsy, but the kind Drayven experiences are called Tonic-clonic or Grand Mal. They start with loss of consciousness, tense body, arm jerking, drooling, and blue lips. It's extremely scary even if you are familiar what it looks like.

We are walking to raise awareness about Epilepsy and what to do if you were to come across someone having a seizure. It is something their body needs to do and we need to learn how to help them calmly.

There is no cure for Epilepsy, but with every dollar raised we get one step closer.

Please donate to this amazing cause, join our team and walk with us, or better yet, do both!

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