Team Amygdalove Welcomes You!

Hey!  Thanks for visiting our page!  I realize it's just black and white text, but that's just because I am too lazy to add fancy pictures (yet).  For now, just use your imagination.

You may be thinking: "What the heck is an 'amygdalove'?  Did Justin just make up a word to sound fancy?".  Yes.  Yes I did.

Technically, it's a portmanteau of a brain segment called the "amygdala" and the emotion called "love".  For those not in-the-know about neuroanatomy, the amygdala is responsible for short term memory storage and emotional processing.  It's the part of me that takes a while to reboot after I wake up from a seizure.  Whenever an EMT asks me "what day is it?" or "what time is it?"  I usually respond, "I don't know what day it is," or "how the heck am I supposed to know what time it is?"

I'm not sure if the rest of my brain thinks I'm clever at that moment, but the latter response is a valid question nonetheless.

Anyway, that's the team name explained.  Thanks for reading about it!

I am Justin.  I have epilepsy.  Epilepsy sucks.  You should give money to the Epilepsy Foundation.  They do fantastic things for the community I belong to.  Seriously, there are 50 million earthlings living with this stupid affliction.  Donate to help them and we'll all be happy!  You want to be happy, don't you?  Well, so do we!  Money fuels research, advocacy, fundraising, and treatments for epileptics everywhere.