Grandparents, Eric Thompson-Martin
$100.00 • September 16, 2017
We are the grandparents of Eric, a very good friend of Charlie, whose passing was devastating for our grandson. He couldn't do the whole trip, but he was extremely proud of being able to go the Massachusetts route to the Atlantic Ocean.

Bless all of you for your tribute to Charlie, and may the Lord have taken Charlie under his wing to a better world.

Charlie and Mercedes Thompson
$50.00 • September 10, 2017
Your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers. The pictures from the summer ride are just beautiful.
Earl & Lois Cooley
$25.00 • September 8, 2017
Kathleen Lynch
$50.00 • September 8, 2017
Marilyn Jones
$150.00 • September 8, 2017
Deborah & David Duncanson
$100.00 • September 8, 2017
Mark Thompson
$100.00 • September 8, 2017
Peggy Gillespie
$50.00 • August 27, 2017
What a wonderful tribute to your son and an incredible journey. I am amazed at your dedication and strength on all levels.

Peggy Gillespie
Cynthia Donovan
$25.00 • August 21, 2017
Wonderful. You made it to the Atlantic with so many friends along the way. Wishing you the best.
Betsie and Slick
$100.00 • August 15, 2017
So proud of all of you and so happy that we got to be a part of it in a small way! Come back soon!
$30.00 • August 15, 2017
Martha Read
August 12, 2017
Congratulations on an incredible journey.
$100.00 • August 12, 2017
Carol / Steve Holmes / Mullin
August 12, 2017
You are dipping your wheels in the C as we the memory of Charlie with this donation. I have been inspired by Charlie's life and by your journey. I'm so glad that we were able to share in that journey. May the reasearch into Sudep bear fruit and save lives.
$100.00 • August 12, 2017
Incredible journey. Charlie's ride will continue.
$100.00 • August 12, 2017
Sean Logan
$40.00 • August 11, 2017
$5.00 • August 11, 2017
Susan Read
$200.00 • August 11, 2017
Lisa Ranghelli
$100.00 • August 10, 2017
Congratulations on making this amazing journey!
Premila Nair
August 7, 2017
You are an inspiration- what an epic journey.....!
Marylou Sullivan
August 7, 2017
I've been enjoying and marveling at your trip. I find it incredible and you're almost home! congratulations!
Marla and Jay Killough
$50.00 • August 5, 2017
$50.00 • August 3, 2017
This Dottie from Vassar, it was a pleasure to meet you as you rode through our town! Godspeed!
$50.00 • August 1, 2017
May God, who is present in sunrise and nightfall and in the crossing of the sea, guide you as your feet go. May God, who is with you when you sit and when you stand, encompass you with love and lead you by the hand. May God, who knows your path and the places where you rest, be with you in your waiting, be your good news for sharing, and lead you in the way that is everlasting.
Maureen Chiofalo
$50.00 • August 1, 2017
Maureen and Erik
July 27, 2017
I've been following the blog and I'm so impressed with the beauty of the road and the spirit of the riders. I hope you are all holding up to the grind of day after day routines both physically and mentally.
Richard & Dawn Seilman
$15.00 • July 26, 2017
Kay Ugoretz
$50.00 • July 25, 2017
After asking you to take our group picture, we felt so fortunate to meet you and hear your inspiring story at the West of the Lake Gardens in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Best wishes for a safe ride to Boston.
Tom and Len
$250.00 • July 25, 2017
An amazing effort for a great cause in honor of your son, Charlie !


Tom and Len

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